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Meet The Team

Steve Neilson is a world renowned photographer and speaker, teaching new photographers and amateurs basics in camera knowledge as well as very advanced levels of high fashion photography and Photoshop at numerous seminars around the country. Steve’s charismatic and humorous personality comes alive at weddings, always making full bridal parties and families feel at ease. Steve is globally recognized for producing beautiful pieces of wedding and engagement photography art. His studio’s style is artistic and edgy and he prides himself on the fact that he studied under the top five photographers in the world to bring his craft to the highest level.

The Valen Studios team has been so fortunate to work with some amazingly talented people including other photographers, artists, art gallery owners and academy award winners. We have been able to photograph quite a large range of people/professions including: radio talk show hosts around the world, comedians from Saturday Night Live, Mrs. USA, reality television winners, state senators and congressman, celebrity models and television & film actresses. We have produced commercials for national companies as well as providing commercial photography for brands such as Lexus, Proctor & Gamble, and Nestle’.

[vc_team_member_two name=”Steve Neilson” position=”CEO / Photographer” description=”” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” inst_url=”” image=”1676″]
[vc_team_member_two name=”Kelly Silver” position=”Photographer” description=”Kelly has been with Valen Studios since 2009. Her hobbies include collecting vintage cameras and playing strategy board games. Kelly’s current roles are studio manager, photo editor, photographer and sales manager. Kelly is a nerd at heart. She is also very organized, a hard worker, extremely loyal and detailed. A quirky fact about Kelly is that she is unintentionally funny when she doesn’t mean to be.” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”1753″]
[vc_team_member_two name=”Jax Neilson” position=”Marketing” description=”Jackson has been with Valen Studios since November 2018. Hobbies include online gaming and having a great time with friends. Jackson’s current role is Marketing Director for Valen Bridal & Tux, and Valen Studios, photographer and video editor. Jackson is humorous, determined and very loyal.” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”1763″]
[vc_team_member_two name=”Brian Mabus” position=”Videographer” description=”Brian has been with Valen Studios since 2016. Brian’s current role is Manager of videography and video editing division. Brian has a soft demeanor as nothing bothers this guy. His motto is “arrive early and stay late.“ He takes pride in never complaining. Brian is an incredibly valuable part of our team.” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”1921″]
[vc_team_member_two name=”John Kujawinski” position=”Photographer” description=”History. … Been with Valen since 2014 Your current role or professional tagline. Photographer Your company or personal brand. loyal, hardworking and very helpful One quirky fact about you former groom of Valen, loves to over deliver” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”1762″]
[vc_team_member_two name=”Rachel” position=”Photographer” description=”Rachel has been with Valen Studios since 2018. Rachels current role is both wedding and family photographer. Rachel is a mother of four. Her firecracker personality is perfect for handling the chaos of family portraits. She is so fun. Rachel is very loyal and has high energy and loves to over deliver.” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”1920″]